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  • Desktop PC Repairs

    Re-casing, hard drive replacement,
    screen replacement, optical drive replacement,
    graphics card upgrades or replacements, sound
    problems, virus removals etc.
    Computer repairs Norwich
  • Laptop repairs Norwich

    Laptop Repairs Norwich

    Re-casing, hard drive replacement,
    screen replacement, optical drive replacement
    graphics card upgrades or replacements, sound
    problems, virus removals etc.
  • Data Recovery

    We can retrieve your precious data from most storage mediums, including Hard Disk, Memory Cards, USB Flash Drives, External Hard Drives and many more.

    Data Recovery Norwich
  • PC/Laptop Health Check

    We can give your PC, Laptop or Mac a comprehensive service to sort out any irritations, and to ensure your computer is running at maximum efficiency.

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    Desktop PC repairs Norwich
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Computer Repairs

Desktop PCs are still common in homes & businesses and like any well used device your desktop PC can go wrong, often at the most inconvenient time. But don't worry, we are here to help! Find out more...

Laptop Repairs

Laptops combine productivity with portability, but their mobile nature does make them susceptible to knocks & bumps which can lead to serious problems, even hardware failure. Find out more...

Tablet & Phone Repairs

The modern mobile phone & tablet has become an integral part of our day to day lives. It acts as our phone book, diary, alarm clock, gaming platform and our link to the world around us. What happens if it gets broken? Find out more...

iMac and Macbook Repairs

The sleek, reliable hardware married with the rock solid operating system has seen Apple increase it's market share year on year, however they do still sometimes go wrong! Find out more...

Computer Health Check

Like any high performance device we would recommend a regular Computer Healthcheck be performed every 6 - 12 months.
Just drop your Laptop or desktop into one of our stores to get your machine a clean bill of health.Find out more...

Games Console Repairs

There are few things more frustrating than a console crash just when you are in the middle of a winning streak! At Anglian Internet we repair consoles for our Norwich & Norfolk customers, including a professional reballing service for re-fixing or replacing of chips. Find out more...

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